V4 Supporting Economic Integration
of Georgia and Moldova with the EU

Round-Table for Supporting Economic Integration of Georgia and Moldova with EU
The project “V4 Supporting Economic Integration of Georgia and Moldova with the EU" is funded by International Visegrad Fund. The project aims to create a platform enabling V4 countries to share their experience about the process of economic integration with the EU with stakeholders in Georgia and Moldova. It focuses on facilitation of partnership between state and private sector essential for modernization of local economies enabling full realization of benefits offered under DCFTA. Project aims to shape up awareness and confidence of business communities in both countries in benefits of economic integration with EU.

The main goal of the project is to assist Georgian and Moldovan governments in setting up coordination frameworks with local business communities enabling effective inclusion of business communities in the processes leading to the signature of DCFTA with EU as well as its subsequent implementation. It will be important to ensure that business communities are well informed about the possibilities arising out of DCFTA as well steps they have to make in order to seize this opportunities. Governments in both Georgia and Moldova have to play the key role in ensuring close coordination and partnership with local business communities in order to decrease the risks and increase benefits associated with the initial phase of implementation of DCFTA.
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