V4 Supporting Economic Integration
of Georgia and Moldova with the EU

Round-Table for Supporting Economic Integration of Georgia and Moldova with EU

The project consists of four main phases:

   -Kick off round table in Tbilisi which will be an event for discussion and initiating dialogue regarding DCFTA between public and private sector representatives from Georgia, Moldova and V4 countries.  Kick off round table will present the project aims, objectives and will gather all key stakeholders involved in the process from Georgia and Moldova.

   -Creation of Task Force comprised by 1 representative from each country (Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Moldova and Georgia) + 2 working group experts from Moldova and Georgia. Task Force will be assigned to provide comparative analysis of relevant experiences of Visegrad Countries against the backdrop of established mechanisms of coordination in Georgia and Moldova, as well as level of inclusion of Business Communities in the process.  The report produced by Task force will consist of two main parts – assessment (around 20 pages) and recommended Action Plan for Georgia and Moldova aimed at development of effective framework of coordination and partnership between government and business communities prior as well as during the process of implementation of DCFTA . Task Force will be assisted by 2 experts of the working group (1 Georgian and 1 Moldovan) who will be responsible for conducting research and collecting the data.Task Force will also oversee development of awareness raising materials for business communities aimed at shaping up their interest and confidence in the process of economic integration to the EU.

   -Team of 2 PR specialists from Moldova and Georgia will be established to develop PR strategy aimed at increased public awareness on project implementation using electronic, printed and social media tools. PR team will be focused on targeted dissemination of awareness raising materials.

  -Presentation of the final report of the Task Force in Moldova and Georgia and dissemination of prepared awareness raising materials